I spoke at “The First World Congress of Disabled Peoples” on the causes of world malnutrition: “The focus on issues such as baby formula or breast-feeding should not cause us to narrow our understanding of underlying causes of the hunger and misery, disability and death caused by food scarcities — poverty, lack of control over the necessary elements of food production and distribution, the power of multinational corporations to manipulate and control patterns of production and consumption, and anti-democratic systems that cut people out of power over their own lives….There is a basic human right to primary prevention of disability through economic justice.”For more,seeA Voice Of Our Own: Proceedings of the First World Congress of Disabled Peoples’ International (East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University, 1982).


  1. Hi mom!

    I look forward to reading your posts!

    A couple technical comments: It isn’t quite clear that you, not Liane, wrote them and are the author of the blog. She should be noted on the website as webmaster or some such title, but not as author or poster. Also, the links seem different between the two posts. The first, this one, went right to the site. The second didn’t seem to, but then afterwards I noticed that it had opened several times, but there was no indication of this when I clicked, so I kept clicking. The link system set up for this post seems best, because the reader immediately can see that they’ve opened the link and don’t keep clicking and getting annoyed, etc., which naturally you want to avoid so as to keep your readers in a good mood to read your words…

    When are you coming back?



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