Border Crossings: A Spiritual Journey in Medicine

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“A witty and profound memoir, Border Crossings: a spiritual journey in medicine is the story of one woman’s journey in science, faith and identity in the midst of the tumultuous currents of the twentieth century. Harvard-trained physician and neuroscientist Ann B. Barnet, in her unique and insightful voice, describes her boundary-breaking journey from brain research to serving immigrant children and families.

She invites the reader into the life of The Family Place, the refugee center she founded in Washington, D.C., and she illuminates the lives of real people at once caught in violence and war yet driven by fierce hope. She boldly invites the reader into her reflections on her own life and her process of finding her way as a physician, mother, daughter, Christian, progressive, and children’s advocate. Border Crossings is a timeless affirmation of the power of faith, community, and family.”

The Youngest Minds

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“Revealing what every parent needs to know about what goes on in a child’s brain during the critical first months and years of life, Ann B. Barnet, M.D., and Richard J. Barnet explore children’s genetic tendencies toward anger, fear, and other emotions. Showing how interactions with other people can actually organize and reorganize a child’s brain, they offer invaluable guidance to parents and caregivers by describing the essential characteristics of healthy parent-child relationships and good child care, as well as how the effects of bad early experiences can be overcome later in life.

An unprecedented, up-to-the-minute look at the way human relationships and genetics shape the personalities and destinies of children, The Youngest Minds reveals more clearly than ever before how parents, for better or worse, become partners in the development of their child’s mind.”