Border Crossings – Advance Praise from Marc Raskin

Marc Raskin, Co-founder of the Institute for Policy Studies comments on Border Crossings:

Ann Barnet has written a very powerful book. As I read it I thought of Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, but to me Ann’s book was more compelling. Where did her energy come from? In her Midwest childhood, she witnessed her parents (who both were converted from Judaism to Christianity) taking in in a long line of Jewish refugees from Hitler’s terror in Europe. The pain in their eyes, and in the eyes of the many deprived children she has treated as a physician, was reflected back to her as an urgent and compelling call for compassion, empathy, and justice. She has responded through The Family Place, the refugee center in Washington, D.C. she founded three decades ago, where she protects and gives dignity to families in need.

Ann’s intellectual journey led her to an M.D. from Harvard, pediatric practice and neurological research. In Boston she met and married the brilliant Dick Barnet. Dick and this writer founded Washington’s Institute for Policy Studies. Ann was a part of IPS from its beginning. As part of her medical research, Ann studied the brain waves of children, including those of her friends. This writer entrusted his children to her.

We also trusted Ann as our witness in the horrible deaths of our IPS friends and colleagues, Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffit who were assassinated by a terrorist bomb planted by henchmen of the Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet. Ann stood with the victims and their families and testified in their behalf.

Dick and Ann together wrote a wonderful book on childhood development, The Youngest Minds. Their conclusion, that children must be loved nourished and cared for in peaceful, safe and secure environments, still challenges us.

Ann is a beautiful person of intense faith. This memoir conveys the faith that keeps her going. She stands in the lineage of Isaiah and Ruth.

Border Crossings – Advance Praise from Luz Angelica Ramos

Comments from Luz Angelica Ramos, A Family Place Participant:

“Nuestra casa es tu casa!” The welcome, love, and services my family and I received at The Family Place was a vital part of our transformation from scared, depressed, and confused immigrants to thriving Americans, with children our country can be proud of. My children, who are now young adults, and I lived the story of Family Place. We are grateful beyond words.

Border Crossings – Advance Praise from Gordon Crosby

From Gordon Crosby, Pastor of the Church of the Savior:

God’s intention is to erase all of the borders and boundaries that imprison and divide the human family. In Border Crossings, Ann teaches us how to be escape artists! She describes how her family and community have built structures in which human freedom can grow and thrive. Without doubt, her book will act as inspiration and guide for people, young and old, who desire inward and outward freedom for themselves and others.

Ann’s narrative carries the reader along with its absorbing and illuminating stories of her family, the patients in her medical practice, and the thousands who find sanctuary at The Family Place. This wonderful book is a moving witness to a God who desires us to be free and a primer as to how to faithfully respond to this call.